{Texas Tuesday - PBR at Texas Stadium}

Hey y'all!! Happy Texas Tuesday!!

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This past weekend Nate and I had a date night!! 

 We went to PBR at Texas Stadium. If you've never been to Texas Stadium, you're missing out on something pretty amazing. That thing is massive! And gorgeous! And everything in between. Nate and I got there a little early so that we would have time to walk the stadium. I am so glad that we did. 

From Victoria Secret, to bars around every bend, and even a fruit market in case you don't want fried foods; the place is amazing.

Nathan and I shared an ultimate nachos and they were amazing!! Every bit worth $9 bucks. We didn't even finish them!!

Kevin Fowler, one of our Texas Country Faves, opened the show. Although, I admit that the sound wasn't that great Kevin was pretty good!! He cracks me up. He's very expressive in his singing.

I want this gold sparkly guitar!!

 Then good ol' Jerry Jones opened the show. It made me laugh that he was wearing a leather PBR jacket. ha!

PBR was amazing! All of the best bull riders and the best bulls. It was intense!

But, I have to admit - my favorite part was the Mutton bustin!! I can totally see my little Masonbug doing this!!!


  1. I linked up today because my post this morning is all about Texas music. Woohoo! I love Kevin Fowler too.

  2. Whooohooo! Who doesn't love the rodeo/date night combo?! I saw your pics on Instagram that night! Looks like you had a great time! :) Thanks for letting me co-host with y'all today!

  3. Ok so the last blog I read just before this, she wrote about going to George Strait, and you went to PBR! Man I need to move or something, there is nothing exciting to do around here!

  4. Funnnnn! What a blast! I love me some rodeo-I love close to Pendleton (round up) and it will always has a soft spot in my heart!

  5. oh my gosh!!!! Those nachos look all SORTS of amazing!!! haha

  6. Do you know how long it's been since I've been to a rodeo or to a bull riding? Too long. 2008 to be exact. I used to always attend when I was a vet tech b/c the vet I worked for was the emergency vet oncall. Dav would love it, I think the bulls would scare him though.

    This makes me have the itch to go!

  7. Texas stadium is so cool! We visited when I was pregnant and getting up and down those stairs was a job! And Kevin Fowler is a fav of mine!


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