{Blast Ball}

Some pretty exciting stuff going on in these parts!! Nathan has a coaches meeting for Blast Ball tonight!!!!
We really weren't expecting to play this Spring because Mason doesn't turn three {yikes} until May. Well, our friends son turns three a month before Mason and they asked the director about Mason playing. The director said, "Close enough...tell em' to sign up."
And? Nathan gets to be a coach along with a good friend of ours! 
We are so excited. BUT, nervous too!! We really want Mason to enjoy playing baseball. Nathan and I are baseball fanatics and pray that Mason loves it too.
If not? That's okay too! Our hearts will heal....some day. ha!!
Can't wait to share more once practices and games begin. Mason was a baseball player in Halloween of 2011 and I just about died of his cuteness in a baseball uniform!!!
October 2011

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  1. Aww, he'll probably love it! Especially if he sees it makes his mommy and daddy happy. I am pretty sure it is inevitable that Will will play baseball as soon as he can start since my husband went all the way through college playing it! Have fun watching all of the little kids play! That is such a funny age to see what they do out there!!


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