{Monster Jam}

A couple of weekends ago we took Mason to see Monster Jam at Texas Stadium. We went last year too, but our seats were in the nosebleeds. This year we had fabulous seats.  We kept it a complete surprise from Mason. And to be honest, we were about ready to cancel our plans and eat the $150 that day. He hadn't napped and was a complete mess! 

I'm glad we didn't though. He was so shocked when he found out what we were doing, and so happy! And we had a really great time. 

And something totally random that never happens...Mason fell asleep about half way between the show! He must have been tired! He had ear muffs on, but it was still loud even with those! I guess the noise and vibrations just relaxed him right into a sleep. We left after about 15 or so minutes of him sleeping. We thought we'd beet traffic that way!

Another great memory for the memory bank...

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  1. Your bank is definetly filing up:) what a great day, I'm so glad you guys ended up going, what a blast!


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