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Since all of our travel plans fell through last week we knew that we still wanted to do something fun and different with Mason...so on Friday we trucked on over to Glen Rose Texas for the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. The weather was supposed to be gorgeous and we thought the animals would all be out basking in the sunshine. And they were. 

We knew it was Spring Break, so we tried to get there as soon as possible. I think we pulled in the parking lot right at 10:00am and it was already busy! But, we got our tickets pretty quick so that was a good thing!

It was super crowded and there were times when we had to stop and wait on cars, but we still had an enjoyable trip. Mason got bored a few times, but we just directed his attention on nature, or an animal or 'mountain'. Or, we gave him a sucker! ha

There were more of these Antelope species than anything...and what we mostly saw...

 We also saw ostriches, zebras, deer, cheetahs, rhinos, wildebeest and giraffes. We were really looking forward to the giraffes because those were the one animal you could feed with your hand. When we got to the Giraffes they must have already been full! All but 2 of them were sitting down and none were interested in the people or food!

They're still awesome to watch, though!

There are amazing views during this drive! It's so relaxing and serene. If you're ever in the area, I definitely recommend taking this scenic wildlife tour!

PS - we had about 3/4 of our $8 lunch bag of feed left after our tour and decided we would bring it home for our little Jake {miniature donkey} but he didn't like it! lol. 

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  1. How fun! I didn't know that Glen Rose had a wildlife center! We will have to check it out the next time we are out that way. When my son gets a little older I want to take him to Dinosaur Valley. I know he would love it! :)


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