{DFW Bloggers Meetup}

This past Saturday I went to my first ever Texas Blogger meetup! We met at A Piece of Work in Fort Worth and it was a complete blast. Julie, Taylor and Sarah did such a fabulous job coordinating the event. From the event itself, the wine, the appetizers, the group; it was all perfect!!!

Normally I would talk myself out of going to something like this. Mostly out of fear. Fear of people liking me, of fitting in and of being away from my boys. But something kept telling me to go. I'm so glad I listened. I left there with new friends and feeling like part of such an amazing community.

I was incredibly nervous on the way there and got an instant migraine. {happens when I stress} Knowing that Amanda was going took a little bit of the edge off. She and I talk almost every single day so I felt like I kind of knew someone. But, of course traffic didn't care about us wanting to walk in together. So, I had to suck it up and walk in alone. nbd. ha. Just glad I didn't fall down on my face while walking in the building.

Everyone was so warm and inviting! Most of my fears suddenly vanished. I could tell it was going to be a great night.
We started the evening off just sitting around talking, drinking wine and snacking on some amazing appetizers. We talked about blogging and people gave advice. It was nice to finally put faces with names and blog names. Oh and what a hilarious group to be with. Everyone was so funny. 

The actual painting was a trip! I don't have a bit of artistic ability...and you'll see that below! ha. Our instructor was incredibly nice and so patient with us. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Before I ruined a perfectly good canvas!!

Amanda and I

Can I just claim that my 2 year old painted this?!

One of the greatest groups of ladies you'll ever meet!


  1. So fun! I wish I lived in Texas... I want a blogger meet up :)
    Your painting is great!
    Love your shoes too!

  2. I was sooo bummed I couldn't join you all! Hopefully next time I'll be able to come! Looks like you all had a blast and it makes me so happy to see "My Texas Girls" having fun and getting connected! :) Yay!!!

  3. Um your trees look amazing! I didn't realize until just now. WOW girl no don't even say Mason did it because it looks great! I also am loving the fact we got to meet each other, but sad cos I wanted to walk in together too.

  4. I think it's fabulous. Our Palmetto Bloggers is this Saturday and we are doing the same thing~similar place in Columbia, SC. But, I am so nervous to go too...exact same reasons above that you listed. I still have not made up my mind. I better decide though. It's a 3 hour drive for me if I do go. "/
    I'm actually in a group on Facebook, but I think only ONE of the SC girls read my blog. All of the others do not respond to comments or emails. :( I do not want to walk in and be alone and not have anyone to talk to. So, I'm very undecided. The only good part is that if I decide to go, Michael's family is from there so we can visit with them at the same time.

    YIKES! I am glad you rocked that painting. You look beautiful, as always. Big hugs sweet pea.

  5. Great post and I am so glad that you did not talk yourself out of coming. I loved getting to meet you and everyone else....we are so lucky to be part of such a great group of ladies! Can't wait for the next meet up!

  6. I would love to do this. I just joined Texas bloggers and can't wait to participate in all the events.


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