{Today...three years ago}

Three years ago today our lives changed forever!!

Friday, September 25th 2009 I woke up to take a shower and get ready for the day. We were meeting our best friends at the train station to catch a ride to the Texas State Fair. I walked into the bathroom to find that Hubby left a pregnancy test out on the counter for me. Subtle, right? He had been asking me all week to take the test and I kept telling him that I would on Friday. Friday marked 2 weeks of me being late. I was so incredibly nervous. After two years of my hopes being crushed every month by a false sign on that little white stick, I was apprehensive. Who am I kidding, that's a total understatement! I was a wreck. 

This time was different. It was even harder because I actually felt pregnant. Hints of nausea, sore boobs, and tired like no other. I tried and tried not to get my hopes up, but I just felt different. I felt pregnant. My heart just couldn't handle seeing another negative sign so stayed up all night trying to talk myself out of feeling pregnant. Seemed like it would be less devastating if I prepared myself that way. 

I took the test, laid it on the counter and started my shower. I had planned on taking my shower and then checking the test. But then I thought I should check the test first so that I had my shower to cry and think about how I was going to break the news to hubby. {he was still in bed sleeping}

I had the biggest knots in my stomach. Finally, I grabbed the little digital test and it read "pregnant". Tears just started flowing. All of those things I had been feeling were validated with that little white stick! I ran to the bedroom, shook Nate to wake him and then I showed him the stick. I didn't say a word. Neither did he. He just grabbed me and hugged me.

We got ready and headed to the train station....both of us sporting a HUGE smile. We got out of the car and walked over to meet the Browers. They were getting their things out of the car and setting up their stroller. Nate couldn't wait any longer and had to share the news. They were the first people we told! We wanted to tell our parents in person, but already had plans for that day.

Towards the end of the day I started feeling so sick. I think it was a combination of the heat and all of the food smells at the Fair. I felt silly for feeling so sick considering we had just found out. But in reality, I was already 4 weeks pregnant!!

Nate bought me 3 more tests on the way home. I took 2 more {all positive} before we headed to tell the parents. 

So now, the 25th of September, the Texas State Fair and the Browers hold a special place in my heart!!!


  1. What a sweet story and so wonderful that your hubby was just as anxious to find out as you were!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes as I read this! What a joyful story! I love how God brings us moments like this to remind us that he doesn't forget us. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  3. I love it! Brought tears to my eyes too :)

  4. Love this. I can relate to the constant negative tests - we've been trying for 7 years. Love your story! Made me cry! ;)

  5. This is such a special story! It gave me goose bumps and I am smiling ear to ear! Thank you for sharing such a sweet story! :)

  6. Sweetest thing ever! love the part where you guys just hug,,,so so awesome:)

  7. How awesome, ours was definitely unplanned and I would say my husband was less than thrilled. haha He came around though ;)

  8. Literally crying. ♥
    What a memory. I saw where you posted this earlier, and I just did not know what it was about because of the title. So, I waited to my wee hours here at my desk and you do it to me every time. I just get emotional for some reason reading your post. I think it's because we relate so much with our "boys".

    A beautiful post!

    Love you girl!

  9. I read this yesterday and cried but couldn't comment because the stupid tablt thing doesn't do pop up windows well. gr! Anyway, I am so glad that you finally had Mason, he is such a blessing and definitely worth the wait.

  10. Awww such a great story. I can't wait to have a story like this of my own someday.

    So glad I found your blog again. Not sure how I lost it in the first place. Anyways, I'm a follower now! :)


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