{Weekend Update - Dallas Zoo}

**note - all pics from phone. Haven't even taken the memory cards out of my cameras from this weekend!

Friday - went to dinner with Nate's parents and some family friends then back home to hang out (no pics)
Saturday - met some of our really good friends for some Dallas Zoo adventures! Mason and Tanner are best buds and had a wonderful time. After the Zoo we went to Allen/McKinney for some shopping {Cabelas, Cheaper than Dirt, Children's Place}.
Sunday - Nate had to work so Mason and I ventured out. We got Mason a haircut and got groceries.


  1. all of those photos are melting my heart! sooo adorable!

    happy monday!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!!!! I agree with Sarah!! SO adorable!!!! :)

  3. The zoo looks like fun! Lucky you to have friends with a son the same age as Mason. I am excited for next summer when Hayes will be 1 1/2 and actually enjoy doing things. Right now he is still in the stage where he wants to be at home in his comfort zone most of the time.

  4. Fun weekend! These are great pics - so cute!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)


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