{Update on Potty Training}

We have been working on potty training Mason lately. He does fairly well at school, but not so much at home. He has absolutely no interest in going potty at home. We've tried getting him his own little potty, using the toddler potty ring on our potty, and even just letting him use the big potty. He's not a big fan of any of them. He's only gone potty at home maybe 4 times total. We haven't been too strict with it, though. His pediatrician says to let it be his idea and when he's ready. So, I'm not that worried about it. My goal is to have him potty trained before he's three. I think we can do that :) ha!

But, a couple weekends ago I let him wear big boy undies. He was excited and did really well for maybe 2 hours and then he wet in them. He had just finished drinking a huge thing of juice and as I was saying, "Okay you just drank a lot let's go potty" he was already making a puddle on the floor! Thank God we don't have carpet!!


Since I originally wrote this he is doing much better. He asks to go when we're at home now. He's gone #2 in the potty at school 2 times now!!!! 

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  1. get yourself some fruit loops and put a bowl on the back of the toilet. as soon as my son realized he got to put a couple in the toilet and pee on them... he was potty trained.

    good luck.


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