Yea, yea - I've heard about the "terrible two's" but until you're smack dab in the middle of it you never fully understand. Well friends, I'm there. And I understand. 100%. It's very trying, but yet it's so amazing.
It's an emotional roller coaster and I'll admit I've shed quite a few tears lately.
And those tears? Boy are they all kinds of tears...happy, sad, proud, frustrated, heart's so full you could burst, not sure if you're doing the right thing as a parent, type!! 
Yea, those!
Mason can go from the happiest, funniest, sweetest little boy into a full fledged fit throwing tantrum thrower in a matter of seconds. It's the craziest thing.
Mornings have gotten quite hard in the Hall house. He used to wake up laughing in such a good mood....but the older he gets the less of a morning person he becomes. Instead of the big smiles and giggles it's now crying, twisting, kicking, screaming that I have to deal with.
And those are quite hard. Trying times as a parent, I tell you.
I've prayed more for patience and guidance lately than I ever have.

But at the end of the day...I can't imagine being anywhere else. I love being Mason's Mommy and love every second I get to spend with him. Yes, even the hard and trying times. The very second my little boy looks at me and says, "Thank you Mommy" or "Love you Mommy" I am reminded just how blessed I truly am and why.

**Update** - I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and it's since gotten a lot better. The weather has been nice and we've been able to get out and play. Therefore, Mason has been a happy happy boy. There has been less fit throwing and more smiles, giggles and happiness! Mornings have also gotten much better. We've been trying to get him in bed a little earlier than normal and I truly think it's helping.
Rollercoaster, I tell ya :)

"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."
- Ephesians 4:2

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  1. Hey girl, when is your new bedtime? Ours is 8 right now, but he gets SO fussy at night. Been wondering if we need to go earlier!


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