Aren't they cute??

They are all 2 years apart and as different as can be. Jaxon (on right) has a sibling due later this Summer and he/she will be 2 years younger than Mason. Crazy how that happened. I guess my sister or I need to start planning if we want the next one to be 2 years younger than the next. ha! Go ahead Leslie - that spot is all yours!!! :) 

Tanner - (in the middle), my sister's son, is 5 and in Pre-K at his local Public school. He loves cars, playing on his Nintendo DS and riding his go-kart and bike. He's a character...hilarious as all get out. Tanner is a spitting image of his Dad, and acts just like him too! He is the oldest of the grandchildren and plays great with his younger cousins. Tanner calls me Sis because he couldn't say my name when he was younger. It's stuck...and now Jaxon calls me that too. Oh and when Mason is around his cousins I am Sis to him too! ahh...

Jaxon - (on the right), my brother's son, will be 4 in June. They've recently moved him up to Pre-K rather than the 3 year old class because he is advanced for his age. My brother always says he's smart like his Aunt Crystal (that'd be me!!) haha. Jax loves Chuggington, toy story and Thomas the Train. He's ready to be a big brother and will sometimes tell you there are 2 babies in his Mommy's belly. Oh and opposite of Tanner....he looks just like his Mommy. But, I have to say he acts like my brother. :) He's a tiny little thing with a lot of energy.

Mason - you all know pretty well if you read my blog! {ha ha} oh Mason! I can't believe he'll be 2 in May. How and when did that happen? He loves his cousins something fierce...as you can see in the pictures above! He's still into tractors, of course, and now Monster Trucks. {Our Monster Truck dvd is a life saver in the mornings} I used to think he looked just like his Daddy - but now he just looks like Mason to me :)

It's always a good time when these 3 are together. It will be fun and interesting to add more kiddos into the mix. Everyone is hoping that Jaxon's sibling will be a girl. I'd rootin' for another boy :) shhh...

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