{Monster Trucks}

 About a month ago Mason found a Rock Crawlin dvd of Nate's and had to watch it. That thing has now been glued to our dvd player/tv!! Mason loves the "Monster Trucks". He's hilarious when he watches it. He spits out things like:
"All fall down"
"He feel off the BIG rock"
"He's hurt. He has to go to Doctor"

I love it!

So when we found out that Monster Jam was coming to Texas Stadium we had to get tickets. Of course when we ordered them we could only get in the upper region. It might have been just as well, though. It was pretty loud where we were and I couldn't imagine being on the floor level!

It was our first time to actually see the inside of Texas Stadium. I wish we could have seen more of it, though. After fighting the crazy parking lots and trying to find a spot we only had about 30 minutes to get to our seats. And afterwards was just too hectic to look around!

There were a few times that Mason was frightened by the loudness...but we are 100% sure he enjoyed himself. He couldn't stop talking about it that night even though he was beyond tired.
 We bought him a Monster Truck that next day and it hasn't left his hands since...

Oh and it was the 30th anniversary of "Grave Digger" so that was cool!

It's actually one of the drivers from Monster Jam - the only girl - Candice Jolly. I told Mason that one time and he hasn't forgotten it. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he asks for "Candice Jolly". He's a hoot!

Many pictures!!

 I may or may not have cried at this point!

Cool red smoke!

I remember going to Monster Jam with my family when I was little and happy we were able to do this with our Masonbug!

And some videos:


He may or may not have crashed really hard after this! :) Poor sweet boy couldn't even keep his eyes open, but was so excited.

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