{Wordless-ish Wednesday - 3.28.12}

Oh how I love these two boys!
The weather has been gorgeous and we spend our evenings outside.
You can bet that no longer than 5 minutes after Daddy gets home Mason is asking for a tractor ride.
It's something Nate can't pass up.
Precious moments.
Sometimes I think of everything I could get done in the 30 min - to an hour that they're out "riding" - but taking pictures of them is so much sweeter!


  1. Such sweet memories you are capturing! What a great daddy.

  2. love these photos! So sweet when kids gets daddy bonding time! We just moved to the country from Kansas City and i loved seeing my son ride horses with his daddy!

  3. Aw! I would be taking pictures too.

  4. Love moments like this! I cant resist taking pictures either!


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