{Rainforest Cafe}

Last weekend it was rainy and gloomy so we were looking for something fun to do indoors.
Not sure why, but going to the Rainforest Cafe kept coming to mind.
So that we did!
The first time we took Mason there {his first birthday-ish} he was terrified of the loud Gorilla they sat us right next to. 
We had a feeling he'd love it more now. He's totally into animals and not scared of much.
And it was a success. He had a blast!
When we got there they told us it was an hour and 40 minute wait.
We decided to wait it out...
and glad we did. They came and got us after 25ish minutes.
Everyone else gave up on the wait and left...so we got lucky!
But that gave us enough time to make a "Build -A-Bear" before they called us to our table.
Mason chose a Monkey with a "Jeep" shirt!!

Our food was delicious and the company was great!

So much fun!

I promise his finger is not intentional - he doesn't know that gesture, I assure you!


  1. i love rainforest cafe, so unique inside!

  2. Mase looked soo white in these pics lol!!! how funny!


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