{My dearest Mason}

Dear Mason,

My sweet little boy, my little love, my little best friend, the little guy that made me a Mommy...I love you

I want to bottle up all of these times, these memories and store them on a shelf so that when you're off to college I can pull them out and reminisce. I don't want to forget one single moment. 

I just can't believe how grown up you are now! Some days {okay, everyday} I look at you and tears just stream down my face. Tears of joy, tears of admiration, tears of contentment, tears of happy and tears of love. I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming. You are so sweet, loving and you have such a gentle soul.

You say please and thank you almost always on your own now. You give hugs and shower those you love with kisses. You get concerned when someone is crying and want to console them. You pat my back when we are laying down for bed. {words can't even describe what that little pat does for your Mommy} And you love your Daddy something fierce!

I love to ask you, "Mason, are you Mommy's favorite?" to which you always reply, "Favorite? Yes ma'aaaaaam". I know I ask you that at least once day day because, 1.) I want you to know that forever and always, and 2.) I love your answer!!!

I love to watch you with your Father. The way you both lay on your bellies in the living room floor and drive tractors around making silly little noises. Or how you cuddle up on the couch and read books. And I especially love when you two climb on the tractor outside and go for a ride. 

There is nothing that excites you like that of a tractor!!

Your Daddy and I are amazed by you everyday. Whether it's pointing out the color of everything in sight, saying your ABCs, singing in the backseat of the car, or even when you are just playing, we couldn't be more proud.

Please stay little!! Please! This is your Mommy begging you. You're growing up too fast my little man. 

It's so bittersweet...


  1. I can see why you want him to stay little forever!!!!!

  2. This is too sweet! You have inspired me to do the same for my son :)

  3. This is SO sweet!!! I came across your blog through The Wiegands! I am 15 weeks pregnant and SO excited to experience all things mommy! So happy to have found your blog! New follower :)

  4. What a cute little boy you have! Its so bittersweet watching them grow up! Cute blog : )
    Found your blog through Casey W's link up! So happy to meet you!

  5. What a beautiful family!
    loved the post - i can't wait to have little people running around the house. it must be the sweetest thing ever!

    it must be (so)... liberating

  6. your family is adorable



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