{Beaver's Bend}

A few days after Christmas we took a camping trip to Beaver's Bend. It's a nice camping resort nestled in the Kiamichi Mountains of OK. Beaver's Bend holds a lot of precious memories for Nathan and I. It's the first {long} trip I ever went on with Nathan and his family {almost 15 years ago!!}. We usually go the week after Christmas every year. This was Mason's first time to go to Beaver's Bend and we were excited to share "our place" with him. {Not sure why we skipped 2 years, but it makes me sad that we did.}

This year Nate's parent's rented us a little cabin. That was lovely since we have a toddler. We had a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Nate's parents and his youngest brother stayed in their camper just around the way from us.

We didn't do a whole lot but eat, hang out and enjoy the beautiful scenery! But it was relaxing and just what we needed after the holidays. One of our favorite things to do at Beaver's Bend {besides fish} is drive around and look at all the animals. There are tons of deer everywhere, and most of them are not skiddish. Mason really enjoyed it!! We saw deer, racoons, rabbits, birds and squirrels. Oh and somewhere along the way we saw buffalo.

Mason's new words coming out of this trip:

Tabin = Cabin
Dat-toon = Racoon
Deyah = Deer
Fuffalo = Buffalo

Oh man I could just listen to him say Fuffalo over and over and over!!

Beaver's Bend - you never disappoint!!!

I took a gazillion pictures...but all with my point and shoot. My big camera is still being repaired!!

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