{Remembering 2011}

I have to say, 2011 was pretty good to us! 

January -
My first birthday as a Mommy
Mason's first stockshow (big deal in our family) 
Mason is saying Mama and Dada consistently
Attended lots of softball games
First snow for Mason
Mason's first kiss (New Years) other than Mommy

February - 
First tooth broke through
Another snow day, shut down streets for days
First Valentine's Day
Obsession for tractors started showing

March - 
Traveled to Abilene for Kloe's birthday
First real sickness - Dr appt led to ER trip that evening (Ear Infection)

April - 
Mason's first Ranger Game to attend
Started Crawling
First Bluebonnet Pictures (A Texas Thing)
1st Easter (also spent at a Ranger game)

May - 
Got the "epic" Aviator shades
First Mother's Day
First Birthday
Started introducing more solids

June -
Mason started school

July -
First event @ School - 4th of July Parade
Camped at Canton for 4th of July
Mason's first vacation to the beach

August - 
Mason got the Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease
I had a drastic hair change
Mason moved to toddler class at school

September - 
Camped at Cleburne State Park for Labor Day
Mason got a stomach bug that landed us at Children's Hospital for an overnight stay
First (and hopefully last) Seizure

October - 
Mason started seeing a new Pediatrician
1st Halloween to dress up and trick or treat
Fall festival @ school
Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

November - 
My Nikon died!
Moved to a new Office

December -
Converted crib to toddler bed
Mason had to have breathing treatments for over 2 weeks
Mason's first camping trip to Beaver's Bend

Goodbye 2011, you were good to us
2012 Bring it!!

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