{Someone got a haircut...}

Mason's first haircut...
It wasn't even planned!! We were running around on a Sunday afternoon and I casually said, "We should go get Mason's haircut". And.......Nathan took the bait! He agreed to it. So I started googling on my phone for kids places for hair cuts. I found one and within a couple hours we were there. 

We went to Kids Cuts and it was really neat! They have all kinds of stuff for kids; train tables, video games, movies, and cool seats to sit in. Mason had a blast playing with the train table, and of course made some friends while doing so.
The only bad thing was that there was ONE person working the entire shop. And by one I mean she did everything; cut, clean, work the cash register, everything! Needless to say we were there a couple hours.

Mason did perfect!! He had a blast sitting in the Fire Engine. He didn't squirm, fuss or anything. It helped that Toy Story was playing right in front of him. He kept saying:
Woowee {Woody}

And? I didn't even cry! I was excited and ready for this hair cut. I only teared up once and that was afterwards. My 19 month old suddenly became a 4 year old. Wow! Just like that. 

I love the haircut...and he does too!!


  1. Aww, he looks so handsome with his new haircut!:)

  2. the haircut looks great! my mason has already had 2 (and needs another) but we a family friend do it at her salon and so far it has been free!!!) i love your new layout/header...he looks so adorable!


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