{One sickness after another}

My poor sweet boy!! Couldn't catch a break there for a while. It started with Strep throat...which was going around like crazy. Everyone I talked to had it, or knew someone that did. The dr said that almost every patient they'd seen in the last couple weeks was for strep. 

Anyhow, Mason had it and was on an antibiotic for a week and a half. Once we thought he was over that he started getting a horrible cough. That was on a Saturday and by the end of the weekend it hadn't gotten any better. I also noticed that his breathing was getting tight. We went to the dr Monday morning and he had Bronchiolitis. {viral infection in the lungs} They gave him a breathing treatment there at the office and that was complete torture. I was there by myself because Nate had to work. Mason fought the breathing treatment with every last muscle he had. It scared him and he had never had anything like that before. 

I was certain that he didn't get much of the medication...but much to my surprise his lungs responded very well to the treatment. So off we went with a breathing machine! He had to do treatments for over 2 weeks. It got easier and better with each treatment. We found that if we distracted him he took it better! 

And when we thought he was getting better from the treatments we had 2 nights of absolutely no sleep. He couldn't get comfortable and cried and whined. I knew it was his ears. Nate took him to the Dr the next day and sure enough, double ear infection. His dr said that was usually the next step after the Bronchiolitis. 

I am so thankful that Mason responds well to medication. After a couple doses you wouldn't even know that he had an ear infection! And has been sleeping great since then.

I am also thankful that he was feeling well for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Poor thing! Hopefully he gets better soon and stays better! Happy new year!


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