Nothing better than a great report from your doctor!!!

I had a 21.5 week check-up this morning and it went just fabulous!! Dr Greve said that I am doing perfectly and that he's pleased with my pregnancy thus far. He said that I am right on schedule with measurements, weight gain, etc. That totally made my day!!! Below are the details from today:

Blood Pressure - she didn't tell me the numbers, but said it was perfect!

Masons heartrate - 145bpm

Belly Measurements - 22cm

Weight gain in 5weeks - 2lbs

Weight gain in 21.5 weeks - 12lbs

I go back Wednesday, February 10th for my Glucose screening! Not looking forward to that one.

Wednesday the 20th we get to see our sweet sweet baby boy again!

Oh and they gave me a "Pre-Registration" for the hospital packet. Put things into perspective much!?!??!


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