Never Say Never...

Okay - so I remember early in my pregnancy someone was talking about belly buttons being innies or outies. I made the comment "Yeah, I don't think my belly button will ever be an outie because it's so deep in my stomach. It's almost touching my backbone!!". And I totally believed that to be true. But let me tell you, pregnancy is FULL of surprises. You never know what to expect when it comes to a pregnant woman's body!! Soooo...Tuesday I was reclining on the couch watching Deliver Me (of course!) one of my favorite baby shows on DHC...looked down and saw my stomach that seems to be growing by the minute. I lifted my shirt and what did I find?!?!? Low and behold - my belly button is just minutes from being an outie!!!!!!! OMG - well, maybe not quite...but it's definitely almost even with my belly. I freaked out and texted Nate right then. Later did I found out he read it in front of his Mason buddies at the lodge and laughed out loud!!! Anyhow, before I could stick half of my finger in my belly button, but not anymore....just my finger tip! So crazy.

Now I spend so much time laying down and staring at my belly just waiting for Mason to move!!! Can't wait for that.


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