Lotsa Pics - Part 3

Sweet Baby Mason's Nursery!!!!

Mason's crib with some of his new outfits. The first outfit Nate and I
bought at Babies R Us. It's so sweet. Hopefully it will be his going home
outfit if it's not too big. The Camo overalls we bought in Canton. The 5
John Deere outfits are from his cousin Jessica. And the overalls we ordered
from Children's Place. Too fun!!!

Right hand side of Mason's room.

New dresser from Mason's Papa Stowell!! He got it at our
favorite anitque store in Hachie. LOVE it! Dad is going to
stain it a little darker to match the "Expresso" color of our crib.
He's in the process of moving right now, so it will be after the move.
I couldn't wait and already stored stuff in it. :) Aww, nesting!

Top of Mason's dresser...for now. I am going to paint the
Train letters to match his bedding. The boot bank and musical box
on the right hand side were Nate's when he was a baby! I am so happy
to get to display them in Mason's room!

Mason's "Big Brother" Diesel hanging out in his room!

Mason's rocking chair we found at Canton!!! It was perfect and we
couldn't pass it up. Nate and I bought the monkey on the right
hand side and Papa Jacky bought him the sock monkey!

Mason's new diaper bag from Canton!

Mason's TV from Papa John, and rockin' bull from Papa Jacky!

Bucket of toys and boys!

Temporary bedding until our new set comes in the mail. We
bought this set at Canton, but weren't completely happy with it
once we got it home. We ordered a more "babyish" theme from
Babies R Us. It's a "Barn Dance" theme and sooooooo cute! Can't
wait to get it.

Just an extra blanket monogramed!

That's it for now. I am sure it will change again...hey I am pregnant and
reserve that right! Plus, we want it to be absolutely perfect for our baby boy!

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