Our baby boy at 22w5d
This sonogram was to check his heart (the 4 chambers and vessels)
Mason is measuring right on schedule. Heart looked good and measurements are great.
Mason was 1lb2oz at this sonogram

Of course the first good picture we got was of his "boy parts" :)

This is Mason's face

Mason's heart and heartrate

Both of his feet

Counting toes...

Mason trying to suck his thumb...

And again...

And this next picture is the center of my universe right now!! Mason gave us a "Thumbs Up" during our sonogram and held it plenty long enough for us to see and get a picture of it. Nathan and I take this as a sign from him saying, "Everything is okay Mommy and Daddy"!!!!!!! Melts my heart.

Daddy waiting on the doctor...

Mommy waiting on the doctor...


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