Weekend Wrap-up

What a great weekend!! Friday we did a little birthday shopping...which was a little different than all the years before! I shopped for maternity clothes and new shoes. I'd have to say that was the first time I wasn't sad/upset about buying "bigger" clothes!! At least this time I have a reason for that. :) Oh and I found Mason some little bitty flip flops. I will take and post a picture tonight. They are adorable. That night we had dinner with Jess and Logan. Saturday we celebrated with all of the family - lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, bowling and then hanging out at my parents house. It was nice to see everyone. Sunday didn't do much, I lounged/rested with my Diesel boy all day. He has a little cold and hasn't been feeling that well. The vet suggested giving him children's benadryl and that made him very sleepy. It does seem to help though. He was so sweet and attached at my hip! So I tried not to get up or move around as much as possible so that he could get rest and feel better. His sad puppy dog eyes just melt my heart. And he was loving on me, like I was the sick one. He's just so sweet and the best puppy ever. I love him so much!! Today he is home with daddy! He got today off for Martin Luther Kind Day....well I like to say he got off for my birthday. LUCKY! :) I wish I was home with them.

Well today is my birthday and Mason is giving me the greatest gift EVER!! He's been moving a lot today. It makes me so happy to feel him. I am not feeling the kicks just yet, still the flutters!! I'll take all I can get!! Can't wait for him!! (in due time of course). It's a special birthday because I am carrying this little miracle growing inside of me. And then next year he will be here!!!!!

I checked on Mason's bedding today! It shipped from California the 14th! So hopefully it will arrive in a few days. I am mega excited about that.


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