{Dallas Stars vs Philadelphia Flyers // Game 8}

 We went to another Stars game!!  This was our 8th game this season!! At this point, I really wish we had season tickets. Maybe next season!! We truly love the games and how thrilling they are! There is so much action the entire game and it makes for an enjoyable time. Not to mention the fans are some of the best sports fans, EVER!  

We were a bit early so Mason got to play hockey outside of the arena for a good while. He did so good and Nate and I could see his hockey classes paying off! 

It's such a cool atmosphere outside of the AAC before the games. 

We always try to get there early enough to see warm-ups! It's always just as exciting as when they take the ice for the games.

The game was a blast and the Stars pulled a 4-1 WIN over the Flyers! 

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