{Top Golf with Friends}

 This past Saturday our friend group got together to celebrate Dylan's 14th birthday! We met at Top Golf in The Colony! That location is so nice!! Due to the number of us, they had to split us into three bays. They put two of the bays together and then 1 was about 10 bays down. The ladies and kids took the bays together and the guys went down to the other. We all had so much fun!! 

Nate and I have only been 1 other time. I forgot how much fun it was. I wasn't sure if Mason would like it but he really enjoyed it. Playing Hockey has made him love and appreciate all the other sports! It's so awesome watching him grow to love sports!! Now we can claim him as ours. ha! I kid, I kid. It really is wonderful, though. 

After Top Golf, we all went over to Scheels to walk around and shop. Again, I love doing life with this group! 

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