{Chicken Coop Update}

 Our chicken coop was in need of a little updating...so we spent this past weekend doing just that! Some of the wood was flaking off and we needed to do some reinforcements around the edges now that I have chicks residing there! We had some tin lying around not being used so Nate had the idea to use that instead of new wood. I have to say, I love the way it came out. Gives it that rustic flare that I love so much. 

The before...

The during...

The after...

It looks so much better!! And it serves a great purpose of keeping predators out of the coop!

I also put this "H" on the gate to the coop/run! I love the extra flair it gives. 

Next up is adding another latch to the bottom of the coop door and then putting up a new aviary net! 

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