Our friend group dusted off our boots and went a' two-steppin'!! We went to the Western Kountry Klub in Grand Prairie. It's famous for the fact that some of the movie "Pure Country (with George Strait) was filmed there! It's a fun little dancehall! We had the best time!!

We all met at the Garzas prior - they live less than 5 minutes away from the Kountry Klub! But we also dropped off all of our kids for a sleepover! They were so excited to get to hang out all night and then sleep over at the Garzas! It was the perfect night because we were less than 5 minutes away if we needed to get back for any reason! They had so much fun! I made them a movie basket full of candies, drinks, & popcorn, we ordered them pizza, another mom made some desserts, another mom brought some drinks, etc. They were so excited. 

Anyhow, we got to the dance hall right as they opened. We read that they give dance lessons before the night gets started and we wanted to check it out. For some reason, they never had the lessons. We had a blast just hanging out and then eventually boot-scootin' the night away!


i love that we have these people to do life with! And that our kids love each other as much as we do! 

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