{Texas Tuesday // Bristol & Bluebonnets}

It's no secret around here that a drive out to the Bluebonnet fields (in the Jeep) fuels my soul! The drive from our house to Bristol is so pretty and it feels so good to be on some Texas backroads! We took a drive to see the Bluebonnets and pick up some food at the Bristol General Store

Every time we pass the "Be Still & Know" gate it feels like a hug straight from God! I love seeing reminders of His Word on this drive!!  

There is just so much freedom in driving the topless Jeep through the backroads!! I can't get enough. 

Wayyyy back when, a friend and I used to do Texas Tuesdays and it was one of my favorite things! The post could literally be about anything Texas related.  Texas is so huge and has so much to offer! I love exploring new towns, trying new restaurants, and just seeing the beautiful natural landscape! There's no where in the world like the Lone Star State!! 

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