{Vic's Kids Party // Skating with the Mascots}

As part of the official kid's hockey club, Mason got a special invite to attend Vic's birthday party! He got to ice skate and hang out with the Dallas Stars Mascot, Victor E Green, and four others!! This was exclusive to only kids in the official NHL hockey club!  He was ecstatic!! 

It was on a Friday so I took off work to spend the day with my boys! We went and visited some hockey stores, did some shopping, ate lunch, and then went to the event! It was held at the Frisco Star Center - where the Dallas Stars practice! So, that was cool in itself! 

The kids skated for 15 or so minutes and then the mascots started coming out one by one to join them! They were all so friendly and personable with the kids! It was neat to watch.

After the skate, all the mascots lined up for autographs. They gave each of the kids a post for the mascots to sign, a cupcake, and a glow-in-the-dark hockey puck! 

Mason had a blast and can't wait to do it again next season! 

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