{New Mexico Trip // Ruidoso // Day 1 // Feb 2022}

 One evening we were visiting with my sister's family and they mentioned wanting to make a trip to the mountains in Ruidoso. All I needed to hear was the word "mountains" and I was IN!!! We told them we'd love to take them there and show them around since we've been there several times before! Thus began the planning of a Ruidoso trip!!

The day we were scheduled to leave, Texas experienced yet another ice storm. It was starting to come down and we had to make a quick decision whether to continue or not. We checked several weather maps, traffic maps, etc., and ultimately made the decision to carry on. The weather wasn't bad in the direction we were going! We'd drive until where the storm wasn't expected to reach and sleep over for the night. That was good ol' Post, TX! We left around 3:00 pm and drove to Abilene before we stopped for supper. Then we drove to Post to get some rest before driving to NM the next morning.

We got to Ruidoso around lunchtime. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then took them up to Ski Apache. We were astonished to see that there wasn't much snow on the mountain at all! The places we usually go to play in the snow were almost bare! 

After Ski Apache, we drove over to Monjeau lookout. However, we had to turn around before we got there because the roads were closed off. I'm not exactly sure why! Didn't appear to be too snowy or icy in that area. 

That evening we showed them around a few more spots in the area, went to eat at K-Bob's Steakhouse, and then went over to the Inn of the Mountain Gods casino for a bit. It was a great first day in the mountains! Going back there always feels a bit like home to me! The mountains refresh my soul in so many ways!

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