{New Mexico Trip // Day 3 // More Taos}

 On day three, the rest of or group wanted to go check out Taos. On the way there we went through Eagle Next and then to Angelfire to show the Moores the RV Resort that we stayed at a couple of summers ago! It was one of the nicest RV Resorts we have ever been to! 

On our way through Eagle Nest on the first day we saw the hugest snowman ever! I had to take a picture of it. I wish I would have made Mason or even Nathan stand beside it to put into perspective how big it truly was! PS - Eagle Nest is a cute little town!

We were hoping to be able to drive through the RV resort in Angel Fire, but they said nope due to Covid. Even though we would remain in our vehicles. So. they had to see everything from the outside. Can't really get the true effect that way, but it's okay! We have plenty of pictures from the last trip. 

We then headed to Taos. It's such a beautiful drive from Angel Fire to Taos! Once we got there we went back to the shops, the chocolate shop, and then headed for the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. If you've never seen this gorge, it's incredible. We've heard the were some movies filmed there, but not sure exactly which ones. In one of the pictures panning down, you can see a herd of rams! That was really cool to see. 

Mason did not like the bridge one bit! He trembled in fear and even shed a few tears. I admit, it was a bit unnerving being that close to the edge and then so close to traffic on the other side. 

After exploring the Rio Grande Gorge, we headed back into Taos to eat lunch at Lotaburger! We had it for the first time on our last trip to Taos and loved it. It definitely did not disappoint. They had tables outside and it wasn't too cold!!

Nate's parents & the Moores went to the grocery store while Nathan, Mason, and I went to Walmart. I forgot my big ski jacket at home so I wanted to see if they had anything that would work for our adventure we planned for the next day. And they did!! And it was 1/2 off! Even better! 

On the way back to Red River we took a slight detour in Questa, NM. A local had told Nathan about a National Monument there and we wanted to go check it out! We couldn't have picked a more perfect time to visit the monument! It was sunset and absolutely breathtaking!! 

We saw a huge herd of Elk, but they were too far to get a decent picture. 

We ended the night with another psychedelic fire!

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Day 4 coming up...and includes an awesome adventure!

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