{New Mexico Trip // Day 2 // Exploring Red River and Taos}

 I am pretty sure I could get used to waking up in a log cabin!! Every day feels like a vacation and who doesn't want to feel like they are on vacation every day of their lives? I made a note to "buy a log cabin in the mountains" in my phone! Goals, for sure!!

I took more pictures of the cabin since we lost daylight so quickly the day before. It nearly took my breath away with how beautiful everything was. 

A little slice of Heaven on earth! 

We got ready and headed into town. The plan was to get breakfast and then shop at the touristy shops. And this is where we learned how incredibly strict NM is with the Covid/Pandemic! A mask is required the moment you step outside in public and restaurants are take-out or outdoor dining only. Being a snowy town, the outdoor seating is not feasible. However, the sun was actually shining when we decided to get breakfast so we weathered the cold. We ate on picnic tables outside of the restaurant. Then we hit up a few of the shops. 

The other half of our group was ready to go back to the cabin, so we left to go regroup. On the way back we found a good spot to take pictures of Nate's new truck in the snow.

Nate's parents and the Moores wanted to hang out at the cabin for the day/evening. Nate, Mason, and I regrouped and then left to go explore some more! There was plenty of daylight left and we were ready to adventure.

We ended up driving to Taos! We loved that town the last time we were there in the area. We went to a few thrift stores hoping to score some southwest goodness. BUT...big fail! Then we went to some shops and to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! On the way back we decided to check out Taos Ski Valley! OH MY HEART!!! The most adorable little ski area!! It was so beautiful. I could have spent more time there if they had not been closing for the day.

On the way back to the cabin we stopped in Red River to grab a pizza and the Dairy Bar for Mason. The sunset was so pretty!!

We spent the evening in the cabin by another cozy fire!! When we were in town earlier that day, Mason picked up some fire colors so that we could have a festive fire!

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