On day 2 of our Colorado trip, we woke up bright and early to hit up Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass. We wanted to be able to conquer both of those trails in one day, so an early morning it was. It was fine by me though, we got to see the sunrise over the mountains! It was such a beautiful drive to the trailhead.

I think we were all in our heads about Black Bear just from things we've seen and read on the Internet. So, to say we were all nervous was an understatement! We got to the trailhead and aired down and then by the time we got on the trail our adrenaline was sure pumping! The trail started off pretty mild! You can see from the first set of my pictures that the smoke from the wildfires was pretty thick! 

It felt like we got to the summit super quick! That was such a rush to know that we made it to the summit. Even though we knew the fun {aka, hard} part begins after the summit. 

After the summit, we got to experience all of the switchbacks, steps, and waterfalls. The guys started a new tradition of dunking their heads in the waterfall on Black Bear! They said it was pretty cold. 

After the main waterfall, there were more switchbacks before pulling into the town of Telluride!

Then we landed in the town of Telluride! Nate and I have been wanting to visit Telluride for the longest time, and it did not disappoint. It was the cutest little town surrounded by mountains. We loved it! 

Our first full day in Colorado could not have gone any better! We saw so many beautiful views, conquered some fears, and made the most incredible memories. 

Next up...Imogene Pass!!!

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