{Colorado // Day 1 // Exploring Silverton, CO}

We began our drive to Colorado on Monday evening (August 17th). We drove a little over 4 hours and then got a hotel for the evening. We wanted to get a jump on the drive so that we had more time to spend in Colorado!! We drove the rest of the way on Tuesday, August 18th, and got into Durango around 3:30 pm.

Our condo was easy to find - right off the major highway, but nestled back in the mountains just enough. We went up to check it out only to find that the cleaning crew hadn't come yet. No big deal...we had a lot of area to explore and things to do. I did call our condo manager to let him know and he got the cleaning crew on it! 

We headed to Silverton, CO to walk around the shops and find some food. It was about a 20-minute drive from our condo. And, it was such a beautiful drive!! Silverton was such a neat little old town! It had so much character and charm. We found some good shops that sold great Jeep themed things. Perfect! We found a place to eat with outdoor seating (so awesome to be able to eat outside without melting) with the perfect view of some gorgeous mountains!!

On the way back to the condo we decided to check out a waterfall that we had seen on our drive to Silverton. It looked like a great place to get the drones out! Colorado was so full of waterfalls, streams, creeks, and lakes. So beautiful and serene! 

Then we spotted a sign for a lake and we wanted to go check it out! I'm so glad we did. It was a beautiful spot and such a perfect place for flying the drones!! 

And for the video...

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