After we walked around Telluride for a bit, we headed to Imogene Pass. This trailhead begins in Telluride and ends in Ouray, CO. It was really neat getting to this trailhead...it's literally right behind a neighborhood in Telluride. As you're climbing up the trail you can see the whole town of Telluride below and if you look across you can see the switchbacks on Black Bear Pass. It was crazy to see a different perspective on the trail we just conquered!! 

I couldn't get over the beautiful views on this trail!! It was breathtakingly gorgeous. 

Then we reached the first old mining spot! The closer you got to the mine shaft, the colder it became. It was neat to see all of these old mining sites and camps. 

After leaving the first mining site, we crossed some rackety old bridges. These were a bit unnerving due to the fact that they had boards recently broken. Then we came up to a huge old mining camp. Here, we picked up another Jeep! A husband and wife were navigating this trail on their own, so we invited them to hang out with us for the remainder of the trip. 

It wasn't long after this that we reached the summit on Imogene Pass. It was a little congested at the summit as there was several side by sides. One of them had broken down so they were waiting on help. We were able to get our summit picture, though! 

The next half of the trail was absolutely beautiful and we caught the most amazing sunset! 

Next up...MOAB!!!!!!!!!!

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