On day three of our Colorado trip, we found ourselves driving 3 hours to Moab, Utah! We couldn't fathom the thought of being that close to Moab and not spending at least 1 day there! For you non-Jeepers out there, this is off-roading heaven!! So many awesome trails. The adrenaline rush on the way there was just about enough to send me over the edge! I couldn't believe we were actually going to Moab after so many years of talking and dreaming about it! 

It was a beautiful drive from Colorado to Moab!! And then we started seeing those huge red rock formations and got even more excited!! Moab is so different from anything we have ever seen! And the off-roading was such a different terrain. But, it was AWESOME!! 

We checked in at the gate and then the trail we were doing was RIGHT there! We thought we had some time to conceive what was about to happen, but no such luck! There was a huge parking lot right in front of the entrance to the trail, so we aired down and got ready. Right off the bat, the trail was already so thrilling. We started off on a lion's back and it was nerve-wracking. Most of the trails we have done have started off mild and then got more difficult. But, not this one! It's so hard to explain, but believe me when I say it was amazing.

We conquered a trail called Hell's Revenge/Hell's Gate and earned ourselves a Jeep Badge of Honor for it! We had such a blast. All in all, that trail took us about 4 hours to complete. We did take our time and got out for a ton of pictures and videos. I mean, you have to, right? 

I'll share some of my favorite pictures here and then the video. 

And the video...

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