{Thanksgiving 2019}

I know, I know...things are a little backward on my blog! Christmas festivities before Thanksgiving...that's just how we roll! We have to fit it all in somehow. But, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy our Thanksgiving. We really do.

Our Thanksgiving festivities started on Wednesday, November 20th with a feast at Mason's school. I was so blessed to be able to attend. My father in law and brother in law joined us as well, making one happy little boy!!

Our next Thanksgiving gathering was Thursday, November 20th at Nate's Grandma's place! They prepared a delicious Thanksgiving meal for us and we had a really great time visiting!

And our last Thanksgiving festivity was on the actual day of. We only had one stop this year as my parents had planned to go out of town. We didn't have to be to Nate's parent's house until 3ish, so we got to have a slow moving morning at home. I woke up before both of my boys and got ready to watch the parade. They each joined me at different times throughout the morning.

While watching the parade we made two dishes to bring to our Thanksgiving gathering. We headed to Nate's parent's around 2:30. We hung out and prepared everything while Nate went to pick up his Grandmother. We ate, watched the Cowboy game, and just hung out. It was a great time!

How was your Thanksgiving?

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