{Currently // December 2019 edition}

I totally spaced on getting this post ready the day it went live, but better late than never. Right? I'm going with that. Joining in with Anne In Residence for a monthly "currently" series. This month we are sharing what we are currently wrapping, baking, lighting, sending and enjoying.

wrapping: not a single thing yet! But, this is par. We normally do not start shopping until later in December. Our tradition is that I write out a list of everyone we have to buy for and what we'd like to get them and then Nate and I take a day and tackle as much as we can in one day. We usually do this on a school/workday so that the stores are not as crowded. We try to get all of Mason's taken care of while he's in school. That way if we have more shopping to do he can come with us since it's shopping for other people. Insanity, right? But, for now, it works for us. Maybe one day I will be one of those ladies who shops months in advance. I'm sure it would be a lot less stressful. I think my major issue with that is that I love giving and I'd dish out all the gifts before December even arrives! 

baking: we haven't done much baking yet, but it's on our list. We baked a couple of dishes for Thanksgiving. 

lighting: anything I can get my hands on! haha! The interior of our home, the exterior, our shop, the Jeep, and Mason's room too. I really would like to get a Christmas tree for our bedroom. Twinkle lights are my favorite!! 

sending: I need to get my rear in gear and send out some Christmas cards! We haven't had any family photos taken yet and I think that's my hold up. I need to just put my camera on a tripod and get it done!! Do you send Christmas cards? Personalized or generic?

enjoying: all of the Christmas time festivities. So far we have decked our halls, trimmed our tree, welcomed back our elves, gone Christmas camping, visited the Grinch, rode the Polar Express, joined our local Jeep club in the Christmas light-up parade, and so much more. I just love this season so much. We have a full list of activities we hope to do. What is your favorite Christmas time festivity?

What are you currently up to?

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