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It has been quite a while since I have touched this space! While I have thought about blogging many times throughout the last few months, there just wasn't enough time in the day. But I do know that when I go to look back at my blog one day I will be sad about the gaps that I missed. So, I am going to make an attempt to make time for my little corner of the web. I have a lot of catching up to do so I am going to catch up on the highlights from each month.

January & February

I became an ambassador for CrawlHer...which is an amazing community of influencers in the off-road industry. (they also have some really cute clothing) I have made the most incredible people throughout this journey so far and can't wait to see what the future holds.

We camped at Canton for a weekend and went to First Monday. An amazing weekend of family time and shopping! Nate was the only guy with us, but I enjoyed having him there.

We attended the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo as we do every year! This year was extra special for a number of reasons; it is the last one ever at the Will Rogers Coliseum, it was our nephew Carson's first time, and Nate's youngest brother proposed to his girlfriend at the rodeo! This tradition is one of Michelle's favorites to do with the Hall family and looks forward to it every year, so it was perfect!

 I got to go to Mason's little Valentine's Day party at school! It was short and sweet. I love that my job allows me to attend little events like this.

Nathan and I spent a very cold and rainy Saturday at Blessing of the Jeeps! We had a pastor pray over all of the Jeeps and Jeepers before the beginning of the offroad/trail season. It was an amazing event and I am already looking forward to next year. Short video of the event can be found here.

Nathan and I helped with a benefit for a sweet little girl with cancer. A local Jeep club put on the event and we were honored to be a part of such an amazing thing. Nathan and I took video of the entire day. You can see the full video here.

We celebrated Nate's dad's 60th birthday! We all went to eat at one of his favorite places, Babes. And then we went back to the Halls for gifts and dessert!


A friend of Nate's from work invited us to his 40th birthday celebration! It was a very special birthday for him because he never thought he would see the age of 40. God sure turned his life around and he is thankful for that! What a testimony! He had the coolest photo booth set-up for his guests and we had a little fun with it.

We thought we would be cool parents and pick up Mason from school in the CJ. Only the brake caliper locked up and we had to be rescued by Nate's dad and a friend with a trailer! Hey, builds character right??

I did a little thing and made a FB page for my Jeep adventures. I'm mostly proud of the cute cover photo I made for the page!

We spent our spring break week in Hot Springs, AR. We camped at Lake Ouachita State Park and it was absolutely stunning. We didn't have a drop of cell signal or internet so we were forced to chill and unplug when we were at camp! It was really nice. (all photos found here) We mined for gems, went up the mountain tower, visited the shopping/downtown area, ate some amazing food, hit up the sweets shoppe, visited Anthony Chapel (also known as the glass chapel) and went to a children's science museum! We made so many awesome memories.

And some Hot Spring pictures I haven't gotten to Instagram yet...

And we couldn't visit Hot Springs without going to the Off-Road Park there. We've heard so many great things about it and it certainly did not disappoint. It's easily one of our favorite off-road parks now! We spent a solid 5+ hours out there and could have done more had we not grown so hungry! We are hoping to go back soon. Wheelin' video here.

We were able to get a few trail badges from the Jeep Badge of Honor program while we were there. We went on three of the badge trails, but have only received two of them in the mail so far.

The weather was nice and warm for several of days so we took the freedom panels off. It was so nice to feel the warm sunshine for a bit.

On one of those topless days, Mason caught one of my favorite pictures ever! It was in the morning on the way to school so we were bundled up! 40s in the morning and 80s in the afternoon...gotta love Texas!

Michelle asked me to be her MOH (or Matron of Honor, rather) at their wedding! I wasn't expecting that at all. What an honor it is!

Nathan and I attended the Lonestar Jeep invasion in Conroe. TX. We were able to convoy with a few of our fellow CrawlHer friends and it was more fun than I can explain!

The Saturday we were at Lonestar Jeep Invasion I got a phone call that I will never forget. My sweet Granny had gone home to be with Jesus. She passed away in her sleep. It was unexpected and a big shock to all of us. Granny had no known illnesses. It has shaken us all up pretty good! We are so naive to think that she would be here with us forever. I have such a close family, but it's safe to say that we are even closer now. We wouldn't have been able to get through this without each other. We all spent 7 days together at Granny's house just hanging out and reminiscing all of our precious memories with my Grandmother. While it's hit me many times that she's no longer here with us, I don't think it's truly hit me. I find myself at times saying "this just can't be real" and I wholeheartedly feel that. Oh how I am going to miss that woman!

While going through photos for a slideshow for her memorial I found this photo of her. It's one of my favorite photos of her. EVER! And it's so special because it was taken at my mom and dad's wedding.


It's Bluebonnet season in Texas! These wildflowers are so beautiful and it's a tradition among Texans to get photos with them. I posted this one on Instagram...

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How true are the words of that song?

Mason made honor roll again! His principal made an announcement at the awards that this semester at school was tough for third graders! He said he observed classrooms and couldn't believe the things they were learning. He said that those that made honor roll this go-round should be extremely proud since it was such a tough semester! It goes without saying that I am extremely proud of our sweet boy!

We celebrated Lexi's 2nd birthday! We just love our sweet girl so much. She's been the perfect addition to our little family. Of course, had to take some birthday photos.

And I am going to stop here because this is post is already forever and a day long! If you made it to the end I owe you a coke! haha. I will catch up one rest of April in the next post!

Our January through March 1 second every day video...

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