{Five on Friday // Five other things that happened in April}

Happy finally Friday!! It's been a long, crazy week. Mason was off school on Monday and Nathan stayed home because he was not feeling well. And because of this, our days were so thrown off all week! Wednesday was bring your kid to work day at Nate's company, my brother had to have surgery yesterday and then Nate and Mason are on a field trip today. I've been working and cleaning the house in between while the boys are gone and just remembered I never finished this post. So, here's a little Five on Friday...Five other things that happened in April. (still playing catch-up)

{O N E} // My Mama's birthday

My mom's birthday was April 4th, so on Friday we took her out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. It's her favorite restaurant. And of course, it did not disappoint. We had a good little celebration with most of our immediate family, minus my brother's wife because she had a work event and plus my aunt who was able to join us. Mason and his cousins love when they can all get together.

And I didn't get a photo of the other side of the table which was Nate, my brother, me and all the kiddos! haha.

{T W O} // Junior CrawlHer

While we were working an event with CrawlHer Mason scored him a new hat. He said "does this make me a junior CrawlHer? Yes, it sure does baby. You might find him on their website, here. Needless to say, it's his new favorite hat and he wears it everywhere. He's so adorable!

{T H R E E} // Six Flags

April 12th was our annual Six Flags visit! Nate's mom works for a nearby school district and they close down Six Flags for an evening for only the employees and their families. We like to take advantage of this night because a night with very short lines is the best! We had a complete blast! Our sister in law brought her little cousin and I think I witnessed my son develop his first crush! Oh my word.

Video from our night at Six Flags...

{F O U R} // Mason's 9 year pics

Mason got out of school early one day so we took advantage and went to take his 9 year pictures. I can't believe I am even typing that. Nine years? How? But that's another post for another day. Here's a sneak peek. I'm saving the rest for his birthday post.

{F I V E} // Springtime

There is just something so refreshing about spring. When the flowers start blooming, the daylight lasts a little longer, and the birds are all happy and chirping. I just love it. My hummingbirds are starting to make an appearance and it brings my heart so much joy. I've yet to capture a photo yet, but I am trying.

{B O N U S} // Bring your kid to work day

I mentioned above that Wednesday was bring your kid to work day at Nate's company. Mason looks forward to this every single year. He has a blast! When I woke him up that morning he just about did a backflip in his bed. Mason had a great time once again this year. He got to do a ton of really cool stuff, but unfortunately, there are no pictures. Nate works for a missiles and fire control facility and photos are not allowed! But I did snap some before they left.

Happy weekend y'all!

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