{February in Numbers // 2019}

Those blogging breaks...never intentional, but always refreshing. Life just took off and happened and the blog got put on the back burner. But, that's the beauty of this space, I can post when I want. I do miss reading all of my favorite blogs, though. I will be playing major catch-up on those. For today, here's a post for February in Numbers...

With my blogging break I did a poor job of recording February in numbers, but here is what I did manage to capture...

2 camping trips
4.5 hours of shopping at Canton First Monday
20 minutes digging through a leather scrap bin
$8 bag of leather scraps
533 exit to campgrounds
8 new pairs of earrings made
3 trips to our favorite hole in the wall restaurant, Don Juans
9 orders placed on CrawlHer.com
4 Jeep mods/installs
14 hours on one of those said installs
5 Jeep events
26 photos posted on JeepAroundTexas Instagram
4 photos posted on HallAroundTexas Instagram
4 videos posted on Jeep Around Texas YouTube

Happy March!

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