{TBB Asks // March // Beauty}

I'm just a tad bit late on posting this. ha! I always enjoy these TBB asks posts, so better late than never, right? Here are my answers to this month's questions...

1. Eyelash Curler Yes or No? Eh, sometimes. Depends on my mood and how long I have to get ready.

2. Favorite Nail Shade? I love the very pale pink and rose gold dip nail colors.

3. Favorite Lipstick Shade? Neutrals, bare, and sometimes a berry color.

4. Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair? I like to blow dry my hair. It's the only way I get any volume at all. But, some times I do let it air dry when I'm too tired to dry it before bed.

5. Artificial nails: Yes or No? Kind of. I have a powder dip on top of my real nails. So, the length and nail is all mine, but the dip provides some thickness and protection. Otherwise, my nails chip and break so easily.

6. Foundation: Yes or No? Most definitely yes.

7. Hair up or down? Mostly down. I tend to get headaches when I wear my hair up.

8. Bar soap or body wash? I use both! I've been getting the chunk bars from Posh and I love them so. But I also use a body wash.

9. Bath or Shower? Both. I love to soak in a hot bath sometimes.

10. Favorite Body Lotion? BoHo Soul or Paper Moon from Posh.

11. Do you wear perfume? Favorite scent? Yes, I do. I love the Victoria Secret perfumes, Coach perfumes and Vera Wang Princess.

12. Do you shave your legs every day? Heck to the no! haha.

13. Favorite lip balm? Hmm, I don't really have a favorite. I do like the NYX lip balms.

14. How old when first started wearing makeup? I tried in middle school, but I am sure I looked like I let a 3-year-old apply my makeup. So, I will say freshman year of high school.

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