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This past Saturday we joined two of our Jeep clubs for the annual St. Patty's Day/Pickle Parade. It was a complete blast and we can't wait for the next parade. We had heard how crazy this parade gets (over 35,000 in attendance last year) but didn't realize how crazy until we actually saw it. There were massive amounts of people every direction we looked. We heard our names being called several times, but it was hard to tell where it was coming from. Later by way of Facebook, we found out who many of the yells were from. It was such a fun day!

The day started pretty early for us. We left the house around 8:45 because we had a few stops we needed to make before heading to Mansfield. We had to be with our Jeep club group no later than 10:00 so that we could roll out to our staging area by 10:15. Once we got to our staging area everyone began decorating their Jeeps. The theme this year was Mardi Gras. I know, we thought the same thing...Mardi Gras for a St Patty's Day/Pickle Parade? But yes, that was the theme of the parade. As is "We don't hide our crazy, we parade it down Main Street". haha!

We had plenty of time to decorate the Jeeps and then hang out. The parade didn't start until 1:00 and we were group number 72. So, lots of downtime. Mason made some friends and they hung out in the Jeeps. Next year we'll be prepared with drinks, snacks, and better shoes!

We finally rolled out of the staging area around 1:30. There were 23 Jeeps in our group so they had us ride side by side in two rows. There were so many people and the Jeeps were receiving the most amazing compliments. It was such a great time!!

It was a successful pickle parade and we're looking forward to the next one!

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