{2018 Spring Bucketlist}

Happy spring 2018!! Oh, I can't even tell you how happy I am to usher in spring and all of its goodness {minus storms, of course}. We took a Sunday stroll through the country the other day and it brought my heart so much joy to see bluebonnets popping up everywhere. A sure sign that spring is on its way!

I know bluebonnets are a Texas thing, but they are gorgeous right? I can't wait to drive that trail many times throughout bluebonnet season to get more pictures. Anyhow, with the first day of spring earlier this week, I thought it would be a good time to share our 2018 Spring Bucketlist. A list of all the things we hope to do before spring kicks the bucket.

 Drive the Bluebonnet trails...again and again
 Go camping
 Make homemade ice cream
 Celebrate Easter and the resurrection of our Savior
 Play in the rain
 Go on a road trip
↠ Have park dates
↠ Get snowcones & visit our dear friends
↠ Watch Mason play soccer
↠ Visit the Farmer's Market
↠ Go to the Rangers opening day
↠ Attend our church's sunrise Easter service on the hill
↠ Go fishing
↠ Egg our friends
↠ Work our church's city-wide Easter event
↠ Go on Sunday afternoon drives topless in the Jeep
↠ Make some spring shirts
↠ Bake resurrection rolls
↠ Attend a Jeep event or two
↠ Do some spring cleaning (garage & shop)
↠ Install the Jeep top hoist (this one's for Nate!)
↠ Get out with my camera and explore
↠ Annual Mason, TX trip
↠ Go on some trails
 Celebrate Mason's 8th birthday
 Create a spring playlist

What's on your spring list this year? What do you look forward to the most come spring time?

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