{ Spring Break // Family Fun Day}

We had such an amazing week and weekend! It was filled with fun and adventure, so I'm going to break it down into a couple of posts. Otherwise, the post would be so long and picture heavy. Last week was spring break for Mason. We tried to do something fun with him every day since we both had to work. I'm just thankful I work at home and was still able to spend time with him. Monday we went down to the pond after work, Tuesday we went to his favorite place, Farmluck Soda Fountain, for ice cream and nostalgia candies, later Nate played basketball with him outside and then we took him to the park, Wednesday we went to the snowcone stand, Thursday was soccer practice and then we went to a Jeep meet at a really fun restaurant. Some friends of ours went so Mason got to play with his buddies the whole time.

Friday I took off work (Nate is always off on Fridays) so that we could have a family fun day. Even though Mase kept telling us he had an awesome Spring Break, we wanted to have at least one day devoted to only him and what he wanted to do. Mason had been asking to go to Amazing Jakes in Plano so we made plans to do that. It's an indoor place that has go-carts, bumper cars, an arcade, laser tag, mini golf, rock wall climbing, 3D adventure ride, and a pizza/pasta/salad bar/potato bar buffet, etc. We woke up pretty early so that we could be there close to when they opened. We took the T-Tops off the Jeep and it was glorious!!

We got to Amazing Jakes shortly after they opened and there were not many people there! Mason and Nate walked right up to the laser tag and didn't have to wait but a few minutes. We played at Jakes for over 4 hours. Mason had a blast and already wants to go back! I love spending these special momens with my sweet boys.

After Amazing Jakes we headed over to Starwood Motors. Mason absolutely loves going to Starwood and looking at all of the Lambos, Ferraris, and all the other super cool cars they have there. The workers are always so kind to let Mason sit in the cool cars. He really impressed this last sales guy with how much he knew about the cars! And of course impressed Nate and I, too.

After Starwood we ran by the vinyl store and T-shirt shop. I needed to pick up a few things while we were in that area. Then we went to visit Nate's parents. They were gone all week for Spring Break, so we went to catch up. We had another Jeep event that night, but Mason didn't want to go. He wanted to stay with his Nana and Papa while we went. Nathan and I drove out to where the event was supposed to take place but didn't see any Jeeps. And the area wasn't so nice. We didn't feel comfortable, so we decided to go eat somewhere else. Afterall, we had an unexpected date night and didn't want it to go to waste.

Then we came home to get ready for a fun Saturday...

To be continued...

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