{Little Letters // vol. 10}

Time for the Little Letters link-up with Kristin at Taz and Belly!!  This is one of my favorite monthly link-ups that I always look forward to. And actually, every month I love this link-up a little more. To read my past Little Letters click H E R E. It feels so good to get these random little thoughts out of my mind each month! Here are my letters for this month...

Dear Jesus, I pray that You may be glorified in our season of waiting. Sanctify me and draw me closer to You. Help me to remember that it's not 'waiting' for you and that you are 'working'. May I fill the aching parts of my heart with prayer and faith in Your sovereignty. Also, I pray that I always hunger for Your word as much as I do right now. Fill me with Your truth. Amen.

Dear Friday, I'm so glad to see you! We have a wedding to go to tonight and I am super excited. It's for a family friend that we also happen to go to church with. Both families {Nate's & Mine} will be there, plus lots of our church friends too. And we'll also get to see our ex-Pastor and wife! We have missed them so much since they moved away. I'm so looking forward to it!

Dear Handsome Hubby, I can't wait to dance the night away with you at said wedding.

Dear fall-like weather we had a couple of days this week, oh how I enjoyed every single second of you! Please come back. We're back up into the upper 90s today and it's putting a damper on my spirit.

Dear {new} Shadow Creek Pumpkin Patch, you are the prettiest little thing. Every inch of your farm is a perfect photo opp. Could be why Mason and I spent over 3 hours there the other day. It's just so relaxing and dreamy!

Dear Mason, thank you so much for making my little picture taking heart happy while at the patch! The fact that you were even asking me to take pictures just blows me away! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had the best day with you.

Dear Mason {again}, you are the sweetest little thing. When I woke you up on Saturday for our big day the first words out of your mouth were, "Mom, thank you for doing this with me and for me". With me...and for me...oh my heart! You're the best!

Dear Hubby {again}, we sure did miss you last weekend while you were away at the fishing tournament. It felt so weird doing things without you. We tried to fill our time as much as we could, but we could never fill that void of missing you.

Dear PSLs, I can't quit you! Why must you be so dang good? Also, fall please stay so that I can keep enjoying my PSLs.

Dear Rae Dunn, I hit the jackpot at TJ Maxx yesterday and found 3 mugs. THREE! I've never found that many all at once. Heck, I only had 2 in my collection before these three. I'm super excited. You'll be seeing them all soon!

Dear Cricut, I have fallen back in love with you and want to make all the things. I've recently made Nate a decal for his truck, fall + Halloween shirts, a new decal for my Yeti cup and DIY'd our pumpkins. I can't wait to share the pumpkins soon. {Because Insta has to see it first! ha}

Dear Jeep Rubicon, please be mine soon. I'm getting anxious and impatient.

Dear Texas State Fair, we are coming for you this weekend! I can't wait to indulge in all of the fried food goodness and see the wonder and excitement on my boy's face.

Dear Weekend, bring it on. Let's find some adventure, okay? Have a good one, friends!


  1. Oh happy weekend!! Have a great time at the wedding and the fair!

  2. Yay for finding three mugs! Maybe I should check mine out because I never find any :P. Have the BEST time at the wedding tonight friend. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. OOOO what did your Rae Dunn mugs say? I really want one of those!

  4. I love Fall as well - PSL's included. I hope that your weekend was a great one celebrating the wedding & such. :)

  5. I have one of Dunn's mugs and it was gifted. I would love to score another!

  6. Your "Dear Jesus" so raw & honest. Still praying for you friend!


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