{Five on Friday // New hair, Rae Dunn, Farmluck, fall sunrises, a link-up}

It has been forever since I have joined in for a Five on Friday! But, I have so much randomness to share so a Five on Friday it is. It's that busy time of the year where we have done so many fun things and I want to share them all, but have no time to do it. Little by little, I am getting there. I seem to share more on Instagram these days, so be sure to follow me there. Here's a bit of randomness for this beautiful Friday!

{O N E} // New hair, who dis?

I finally got my hairs did! My roots were insane, but I've had no extra time to get it done. My cousin was able to come to my house on Monday to do it. I love having a cousin that does hair and will come to you! So thankful for her. I know most people go dark in the fall, but I seem to go blonder. I like changing it up to a dark color, but it's so hard to pull that dark back out and starting the process of going back blonde is a long and daunting one. So, I just stay the same throughout the year. Boring and basic, I know. But hey, no more roots. That's worth celebrating....and a kiss from Mason was perfect!

{T W O} // Farmluck Date

We rarely go out to eat during the week, but we had nothing planned for Tuesday night. Mason has been asking to go to Farmluck and this time we obliged! It sounded good to us all. And of course, it did not disappoint. We are making Mason take a break from playing his iPad, so it was a nice evening of chatting and hanging out. Although, it was cut short because some kid started puking. We didn't want any part of those germs, so we booked it. We came home and lit up a left over wedding sparkler instead.

{T H R E E} // Rae Dunn Jackpot

I mentioned earlier on the blog that I recently found 3 Rae Dunn mugs while searching at TJ Maxx. I felt like I hit the jackpot of some sort. I never, and I mean never, find Rae Dunn at my TJ Maxx. I got Namaste, Grace and Hello. Truth be told, I only bought the Namaste because it had a turquoise inside. There was no way I was passing that one up. Grace is my favorite out of the three, but I do love the colored insides on the others. I'm still holding out hope of finding a Hocus Pocus mug! And scoring some bowls or something besides a mug.

{F O U R} // Fall Sunrises

One of my favorite things about fall {I mean really, is there anything bad about fall??} is catching the sunrise each morning! God is so gracious to bless us with these beautiful views and I pray that I never take a single one for granted! I mean, how beautiful?? Friday wasn't so glorious because we have storms rolling in.

{F I V E} // The Pumpkin Gospel/Parable

Have you ever heard of this? I haven't, until Tuesday. I ran across it on Pinterest, I believe. The concept is that as you carve pumpkins to teach your children about the light and how Jesus changes us from the inside out. I found a free printable here. I cannot wait to do this with Mason this year! I love being able to share Jesus throughout each holiday. Especially one such as Halloween in which it's usually more about darkness.

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." - John 8:12

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And coming up...

Come and join us for a Halloween re-cap link-up! You can link-up any of your Halloween festivities. We can't wait to see all of the costumes.

And now for the weekend! We are going to the high school football game tonight and then helping with 5th quarter at our church!! Saturday is Mainstay Farm for pumpkin days and then we're going to look at some Jeeps! Sunday is for church and family.

What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. I have yet to ever find a Rae Dunn so good for you! And loving the hair! Happy weekend!

  2. I want your hair colour, it's perfect! Have a great weekend!

  3. I just don't know how y'all find those Rae Dunn mugs. I check every single time I'm in TJ Maxx or Marshalls and they NEVER have them there!

  4. The colored inside of the mugs is amazing! I have never seen that type with the colored inside.

  5. I have never see Rae Dunn at my TJ Maxx either and have only heard about it through blogging :). I love your hair and that looks like a fun restaurant minus the puking :)! xoxo ERIN

  6. I went to my TJ Maxx hoping to find some of those mugs and no such luck! I was bummed! Love the ones you found!

  7. I love your hair. Getting your hair done is life changing, I always feel so much better and sassier after I get mine done.

    Great Rae Dunn finds. I found some at our Marshall's before it became popular and didn't buy it because it didn't really fit the decor of my house but now I kick myself for not buying it so I don't blame you for snagging those!

    I love the pumpkin gospel/parable. I had never heard of it before, either but I wish I had. I just know you and Mase will enjoy that!

  8. Ooo nice hair Mama!! My SIL use to do all our hair but then she had kids and said she couldn't do it anymore, boo! That place you went to eat looks really cool! Despite the puking kid LOL


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!