{5 things bringing me joy // vol. 3}

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
- Romans 12:12 (NIV)

It's time for one of my favorite link-ups...Five Things Bringing Me Joy Right Now! We absolutely loved reading all of the posts last month and sharing in the simple joys of life with you. Life can get so busy yet mundane and it's always good to find the joy in the day to day. We all have something bringing us joy, right? We would love for you to join us in sharing your joy.

Simply choose 5 things that are bringing joy to your life and make it a blog post about it. Link-up the post with us on the fourth Friday of every month. This makes it perfect for a Five on Friday post as well. Also, we will be choosing a guest host each month from those that linked up the previous month. Grab the graphic above and join us!

Here are Five things Bringing Me Joy right now...

{O N E} Our new Jeep // 
My very first vehicle I bought with my own money {when I was 18} was a 1985 Jeep CJ 7. I loved that thing! We have been team Jeep ever since. But then we had to get practical and buy a vehicle better suited for a family. Well, now that Mason is older we decided to just go ahead and buy our dream vehicle. We got it last Friday and I couldn't be anymore in love. It's a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. This is my first brand new car EVER! Let the adventures begin...

{T W O} New sunglasses//
Y'all...I am so hard on sunglasses. I never buy expensive ones because I know just what will happen to them. I have a bad habit of just tossing them in my purse. And then they get all scratched up! So, I just buy cheap ones that will get me through a couple of months. I found these on Amazon and they are so stinkin' cute!

{T H R E E} Pumpkin Patches & all the Fall Festivities //
I just can't get enough of it! We visited another pumpkin patch on Sunday and had a blast. I was extremely sick with a cold, but I pushed through and really enjoyed it.

{F O U R} Different by Micah Tyler //
I always include a song in my list! Worship music speaks to me and brings so much joy to my heart. If you haven't heard "Different" by Micah Tyler I definitely recommend that you give it a listen. It's a beautiful song!

{F I V E} This man //
Oh my word y'all! I love this man. As I mentioned earlier, I have been sick with a cold for over a week now. He's been so sweet to pick up my slack and to make us laugh all the while doing it! Words could never say how thankful I am for him.

What is bringing you joy right now?

Guest hosts this month:


  1. Love the new ride! A Jeep was my first vehicle and wow. Such a fan! Happy weekend!!

  2. These are all awesome things. Did you decide on a car name??? xoxo ERIN

  3. I saw the jeep in the background of a different photo you posted and thought, that's new! SO sorry you have been feeling under the weather friend. I hope you bounce back soon! OH! I also love that you always include a song. Worship speaks to me too!

  4. I forgot to post things bringing me joy this month! I love your choices though!

  5. Oh girl, that Jeep is so cute! I love the color! Congratulations!

  6. Ugh girl, I've been sick for over a week too! It stinks doesn't it!? I hope you are feeling better very soon!!! Yay for the new jeep, that thing is sweet!!

  7. That Jeep is so awesome! My husband really wants one! Some day!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!