{Lexi // An Update // 6 months}

It's been a while since I've talked about our sweet girl on the blog! Our Lexi girl turned 6 months on 10/9/2017 and is growing so fast. And as she grows we grow more and more in love with her. She has been the best addition to our family and we can't get enough of her.

While she is still very much a puppy, I feel like her "puppy" stage has been the easiest out of most dogs we have had. She's just so sweet and actually listens when you tell her no. She hasn't chewed up much of anything besides a random clown nose, and a strap on my purse. I can't really think of anything else, which amazes me. She has plenty of toys to keep her busy and man does she love them. She sleeps all night and is a pretty calm dog. Like the calmest we've ever had. She has moments where she has tons of energy and runs from one end of the house to the other like a little tornado, but for the most part she's pretty chill.

Nathan has her fetching doubles and she does pretty well {if Mason and Diesel are not out to distract her}. At first she had almost zero hustle in her, but it's gotten a lot better. Nate's good to work with her almost every single day. It allows her to run off some pent up energy she has while sitting inside with me while I work.

Mason adores her, but often forgets that she is still a puppy despite her size. He was not a happy camper when she ate his clown nose. But, he got over it pretty quick! He loves to lay on her and cuddle with her and she's good to let him do that. We try to keep her off the furniture for the most part {because holy hair}, but sometimes it's hard to say no to her sweet face. And the girl has no respect for personal space. She will climb in between you or sit right on top of you. I love that though. Our last lab did not like affection at all. This girl though? She is all about love and affection.

Lexi loves:

  • Her mama!
  • Playing tug-o-war with Diesel
  • Drinking water {and lots of it}
  • Exploring the 2 acres we have
  • Toys
  • Sleeping
  • Rawhides
  • Fetching
  • Being close to you
  • Playing with the neighbor dogs
Lexi loathes:
  • Being told no! She seriously pouts and gives the saddest face.

Oh Lexi girl! We love you and are so blessed to have you as a part of our family!

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  1. Sweetest girl! I could just eat her up! And I love that pink collar!

  2. My oh my did she ever grow! The little (big) sweetie!!

  3. I know she is still a puppy, but goodness she is looking more and more like a dog. I can't believe she has been a part of the family for this long!

  4. She is so sweet! We watched a dog this past weekend and he's under 2, but still hyper! He was so cuddly at times, but I realized I like low maintenance dogs who don't whine for attention!

  5. You have the sweetest pup ever. She sounds a lot like Willow, even though she's almost two. She's the tug o war champion and always has energy to burn off but she's pretty calm during the day when it's just she, I and the cat.

    Sweet Lexi makes me want another lab so bad.

  6. oh no on the clown nose :(. Sounds like she is a sweetheart though, it almost makes me want another dog but not yet!!!! xoxo ERIN


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