{October in Numbers}


Number of pictures I posted to Instagram this month. 

Number of pictures in my October folder on my computer. These are pictures taken with my Nikon only and does not include the pictures taken on my phone. I can only imagine it's going to go up from here with the holidays coming. 

Number of Sundays that Nathan, Mason and I served at our church in October. On the 16th we had a water leak in one of the buildings and had to shut off all water to the campus. And because of that we had to cancel church services that day. And then we were out of town on the 23rd.

Number of miles we hiked at a Cub Scouts Event. Four vigorous miles. Up and down huge hills. It was tough! And there's nothing like a bunch of 6, 7, and 8 years olds showing you up and proving how out of shape you might be! 

Big ol' mistake made by Nate. Mason was off school and Nate was off work. Nathan took Mason to run some errands and they came back with a drum set. A freakin' drum set. Really?? haha! He is cute with them, though.

Weeks that Mason went without touching an iPad. I had noticed that he was coming home from school and watching Netflix or YouTube for hours and I didn't like it. So I made a deal with Mason that if he gave up the iPad I would do things with him. We did all kinds of crafts, built Legos, played outside, etc. It went so incredibly well. And after 5 weeks we started letting him have 1 hour of iPad time.

Number of lizards Mason caught this month. This boy has no fear when it comes to creepy crawling things. It makes my skin crawl. He kept one for a few days as a pet. He told me that one day at school he had to help a teacher rescue some crickets to the outside of the school. No one else would get near them, but he didn't mind. Eeek...all boy!

Number of rides I took in a haunted elevator at a haunted hotel in town {The Rogers Hotel}. My brother in law and Nate wanted to check out the cigar shop at the bottom of the hotel so we went around 8:30-9:00 one night. One of the workers was telling us about the elevator and how it starts going by itself sometimes. We decided to take a ride in it. So creepy! And then we walked around the hotel and it was just eeery. I had a nightmare that night!

Number of pumpkin patches we visited in October. The first was Country Critter's Farm and the 2nd was Mainstay Farm {which I still haven't blogged about}. We had so much fun at both, but I would say more so at Mainstay Farm. There's just more to do there and we had the whole family with us.

1 / 6 / 1 / 2:00
One concert attended with 4 other ladies from my church! We saw Lauren Daigle at the Bomb Factory in Dallas. It was such an amazing night of worship. After the concert we spent some time in Deep Ellum. 6 delicious pies were split among the 5 of us. One is the number of tattoos that happened that night. 2:00 am was the time I got home. GREAT night! And worth every bit of staying up about 4 hours past my bed time.

Days of First Grade under our belts and 50 days of perfect attendance for Mason and one cute little dude dressed in 50s attire. He got an award at his school's award assembly for perfect attendance.

Number of days Mason had good behavior at school with no marks on folder.

Number of days Mason had a mark on his folder...all for talking. Go figure!

Number of apples Mason shot out of a cannon.

Number of paintballs Mason shot at zombies at Jellystone Park.

Number of books we bought at Mason's school Scholastic Book Fair.

 The time that I woke up one morning. We were out of the house by 7:30 and at the school by 7:45 only to find out that school doesn't start until 7:55. We made it in plenty of time! For some reason my sound on my iPhone doesn't want to work sometimes. The alarm goes off, but there is no sound. It's happened 2 more times since this one. Ugh! 

The approximate number of people that were in my town for the Texas Country Reporter Festival. I had it on our 2016 Fall Bucketlist to go to the festival, but it didn't happen. We drove around for 25 minutes looking for parking and then gave up. The crowds were ridiculous!!

Number of Halloween costumes or masks and number of pumpkins bought in October.

Number of items crossed off our 2016 Fall Bucketlist in the month of October.

And that is a wrap! This month I did something different and kept an 'October' note in my phone. Each day I would document anything we did that day and any numbers I wanted to share. I had a lot more to share by doing this.



  1. You had a busy month, but what a perfect month it was! I love the deal you made with Mason about his iPad. Great job momma. And 17 good days at school is amazing. Mason is doing such a great job.

  2. Wow! You guys had the best month! I can't wait to see how November & December play out for you guys!

  3. Whoa y'all were busy on that bucket list, color me impressed. Mine is still sitting here, mocking me. I feel like with two weeks left, it just isn't going to happen but we will see. That was a lot of photos, a lot of people and some really great memories too. October was good to y'all.

  4. Great month. I love the ipad plan and that it worked!

  5. These posts are always such fun! And I feel you girl with the photos! It's an illness! How do you back yours up? I use Carbonite. It took like six hundred years to upload at first but now it just runs nightly...

  6. A drum set? Oh, lord! Henry is so much happier without his iPod. We are able to limit the actual watching with our Disney Circle, so that's a nice thing. He gets 45 min of watching and then he has to play games.

  7. Your month was a good one!
    I don't even want to know the number of photos taken between my camera and phone. I'm sure it's a ridiculous amount.
    Nate's "mistake," LOL!!! That's so funny!
    200 paintballs is A LOT!!

  8. That tiny little lizard is just so stinking cute! Even though I wouldn't want it to touch me. Haha. And girl, you are like me with the picture taking... I typically have 2000-4000 pics to transfer each month. That is just so much!

  9. I love your photos and this post so much!

  10. October treated you well, minus the phone alarm business. Im not a fan of creepy crawlers myself lol. 2060 is an impressive amount of photos! I want to know how many you take in December!!

  11. You had a great month. I love that your man got your younger man a drum set. You never know, you might have the next Ringo Starr there. :)

  12. You have done soooo much this last month. Wow. It makes me tired. That small lizard is so cute!

  13. Wow what an eventful month! And I'm impressed with so many weeks with no iPad. In theory id love to get rid of it but I need some downtime without Noah asking me to play with him lol!

  14. Connor has been iPad free for 11 days until today. I used it when we got home from the hospital so I can relax. I knew it would keep him busy. But we've been cutting back for sure.

  15. Wow!!! That lizard picture. First of all, I'm impressed he caught one. And a baby one at that. We have those around here too but they are WAY too fast for anyone to catch. And then to get a close up on it looking. That's incredible!

  16. What a great month y'all had! This post made me oddly excited about the days we'll get to go to Ez and Declan's book fairs. I loved those as a kid. And too funny about the drum set. Kudos on cutting down on iPad time. I don't know if I could give up my phone for five weeks. That's a long time!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!